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FOX Business
Oct 21, 2012 2:00am EDT
. and president obama is a president of the united states, not the the of oc. in that case, he doesn't have much control over oil prices. and i have to agree with rick on this one. his green policy -- >> you happily agree with rick. so uncomfortable. his green policies may affect oil five or ten yearsrom now but right now, they're not. it's supply and demand ad gas prices go up and down acrdingly. we should reduce or depend dense on the middle east. >> it's not only the price. victoria is on the mark, it's about foreign oil. in north dakota, huge deposits of gas and oil they're finding, you see the way we' able to get oil from shale through production mhods we didn't know existed 20 years ago, we could become energy sufficient. >> more from canada than any other country and they're not an enemy of hours. there is a huge difference between what president obama is doingnd what governor romney proposes. president obama wants to dictate energy picy fr the white house, which he's been a huge failure at doing. mney wants to putontrol back into the private marketplace and that's where it belongs. >> ri
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)